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This is album is a beautiful collection of never heard before songs written over the last two years by Casey McPherson of Alpha Rev and Flying Colors. Some are rough mixes, while others are large productions. All are an exploration into the idea of connection, relationship, and acceptance of life's vast changes that come.

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click below to buy the new album!!! Also check into becoming a member of cas.e sessions!!


Cas.e Sessions Volume 1 (music): DIGITAL DOWNLOAD
  • Cas.e Sessions Volume 1 (music): DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

Cas.e Sessions Volume 1 (music): DIGITAL DOWNLOAD


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Cas.e Sessions Volume 1 is the first self produced album from Alpha Rev. It is an exclusive fanclub with a music and video experience. This is the music from Volume 1. Some amazing songs from some even more amazing experiences. THIS IS ONLY A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD!!

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Personalized Song
  • Personalized Song


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Casey will sing a song you want through voicemail or email and dedicate it to anyone you want. Perfect Christmas gift. Limited quanity available. Just specify the song, who it's going to, and by when! (song must be approved by Casey after purchase, if not, 100% money back)

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Alpha Rev Releases "Cas.e Sessions Volume 1"  

Get the new record! All songs from the first season of the cas.e sesisons. These songs were all written around a different experience and ended up being an extremely creative journey. Special thanks to Matt Parmenter (engineer and mix), Tony Rogers (cello), Tabber Millard (drums), Alan Parson (produced "White Matter Recess"), Lang Freeman (mix), and Edgel Groves (mgmt) for helping me get these done! 


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Hi - I’m Casey McPherson. I have been making music all my life. I started with a piano when I was 5, and it was all downhill from there!! My first band was called Endochine, then I started Alpha Rev after that band broke up. The drummer broke my nose.. but I did hit him first... ah, rock bands in your 20s :) We’re still friends, and we all learned alot. 

Alpha Rev has an amazing cast of band members that change periodically, and I keep it running by writing and recording music for it. I’ve played with some amazing artists over the years, had a couple of top 10 singles on the radio, a video featured on VH1, songs in a many movies and tv shows, and ultimately a very successful career. I’m so grateful for it!! But I really all owe it to you, the listener. The music believer. I wanted to get closer to that.. So, I started Cas.e Sessions in 2016, as a music and film experience for my dedicated fans, and creativity lovers. I play them an online show, write a new song, and make a documentary every month around the inspiration of the song. If you’re interested in getting music every month and becoming a member you can go to It’s a fantastic group of people and I think you’ll find it more of a community than anything else. I’ve most recently released the music of the first season now, available on and all the other places you go :) 

I have also entered into the progressive music world in the most unlikely way. Mike Portnoy had an Endochine record from long ago, and recomended me as the last member, lead singer and guitar player for my prog band called "Flying Colors." These guys have been mentors and inspirational brothers to me, and we've released two records, with another on the way slotted for 2019. It's some of the most genre defying, generational crossing music I've every been apart of creating. On top of that, the progressive music community is second to none in accepting people for who you are, especially when you are willing to go outside of the box!! Since Flying Colors, I've also stepped into a band called "The Sea Within" that I've been singing for in Europe, which is another amazing progressive experience.

My favorite part of my job is how it affects.... you. How music gets us through the hard times, gives us melody to our best of times, and reminds us that we’re all.. well, human. We all have a story to tell, we all have a battle to fight, we all have a mountain to climb. Music is my journey of experiencing life, and putting notes to all of ours. If my music has affected you in anyway, please share it with others. It is how my career is sustained, and how I can keep doing this! Thanks for reading this, I hope I can inspire you on your next mountain climb :)